An all-Italian story

In the mid-twentieth century, the Venetian entrepreneur Rainieri Lionello and his wife Anita Fiorin seized a new and unexplored opportunity by starting a small business activity related to the manual shelling of eggs. This idea made it possible both to reduce the processing times of artisans and to considerably extend storage time.

This was just the first step in a long and exciting journey that brought that small family business among the leaders of the sector in Europe. From a small workshop to an international company, the growth of the Eurovo Group has always been based on the same solid family values: respect, innovation and courage. The company, in fact, is still 100% owned by the Lionello family and represents a virtuous example of Italian family entrepreneurship in the world.


Safety and quality from the field to the table

Safety and quality from the field to the table From the selection of cereals for the preparation of feed, to the breeding of our hens to the packaging of products: our vertically integrated supply chain is a distinctive value that allows us to directly control each processing phase with the utmost attention. The total transparency of the production processes, carried out exclusively in owned plants, combined with the strict controls of specialised technicians represent a guarantee of safety and quality.

Our mission is to produce eggs and egg products in a sustainable and ethical way, in farms where animals can live according to their natural rhythm. This is the only way we know to guarantee you the best possible products.


A constant look to the future

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to be forerunners in the development of alternative farms in Italy and to continue to carry out numerous research projects on a daily basis. Today, our attention is mainly focused on a particularly important issue that, as per European legislation, will become mandatory from 2027: the protection of the male chick. In the production chains with “Selection of the female” and “Safeguarding of the male chick”, only the female chick is selected, identified in a non-invasive way before hatching, while the protection of the male chicks is activated, ensuring that they are able to grow and become adults.

Thanks to modern technologies we are equipped with and to a team of highly specialised professionals, we work to launch innovative, practical and functional products on the market that respond to new needs. Only recently we have launched, for example, our le Naturelle Vita Egg White, Rich in vitamin H, D and Zinc, or our le Naturelle Gourmet Pastry Cream, immediately ready to be enjoyed. Innovating is in our DNA, change always brings new opportunities.


An ever-closer bond with the community

In the Eurovo Group, the most valuable resource is precisely people. Our employees, thanks to different experiences and skills, are a fundamental value for achieving the objectives. In the belief that the serenity of the individual can be transformed into success for the entire work team, a process of enhancement and inclusion has been undertaken to ensure an increasingly “human-friendly” work environment.

We are also aware of the importance of active exchange with the territory. For this reason, we support various national and local associations and research bodies, united by common values such as health protection, the enhancement of culture, the training of people and proper nutrition.