In our own feed factories we formulate balanced and optimised foods according to the different ages of the animals. Our laboratories control the entire production, starting from the selection of raw materials from suppliers subject to regular controls. The same feed is only transported, in order to guarantee the best hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Chicks, at 1 day of age, arrive in the brooding houses. Here, we feed them protein-rich feeds to promote healthy and natural growth. After 18 weeks from birth, the chick becomes an adult pullet, whose reproductive system is almost completely developed. We transfer the pullet to the laying hen farms where, after about 20-25 days, it will begin to produce eggs.
We keep laying hens on our different typed of farms that: large indoor spaces, set up in large sheds, and outdoor areas with vegetation for outdoor and organic farms. We feed our laying hens with traditional or organic feed.
We collect and convey the eggs laid in the selection centres, an activity that we carry out according to strict quality and safety controls with lamps and crack detectors. Only eggs complying with the law arrive on the market. We trace each egg through an identification code that indicates the country of origin, the location and the type of breeding. Then, we proceed to package them for retail consumption or for professional use.
Once stored, verified and traced, our eggs intended for shelling are traceable even after is processed into an egg product. Once the shell has been removed, we converge the mixed or separate egg yolks and egg whites into cooled filtration tanks. Here, the process of pasteurisation and homogenisation begins, specific to each type of preparation. Finally, part of the egg products, destined for industry, is dried and pulverised.