The best quality of life from day one

Ethics and sustainability are two values that have always distinguished our commitment to the definition of modern, innovative and animal welfare breeding methods: our priority is to ensure that our hens have the best quality of life from the first day of their life.

We are careful to respect the Five Freedoms of Bred Animals established by the Brambell Report.

With the dual objective of creating a responsible supply chain and offering excellent products, we invest exclusively in cage-free farming systems that promote freedom and movement, because only fully healthy hens are able to produce quality eggs.

However, being already at the forefront of animal welfare is not a sufficient motivation to stop. In fact, our objectives include the commitment to use exclusively open-air aviaries on ITALIAN land-based farms by 2025.

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Concrete actions for a long-term vision

Aware and responsible for a future that belongs to everyone, we have also embarked on a process of selecting sustainable packaging for our products. The whole assortment of organic, free-range, barn eggs le Naturelle eggs is packaged in wood pulp, a material derived from the recycling of FSC certified paper and cardboard, biodegradable, compostable and 100% obtained from recycled materials. Our vision of sustainability is not limited to the environment. To us, sustainable is everything that is produced and distributed responsibly: in reference to society, the territory, animal welfare and, more generally, the world that we will leave to future generations.

In 2022, we committed ourselves to a long-term project aimed at protecting biodiversity and repopulating bees directly in the agricultural territories around our farms.

Tangible and concrete actions that translate our vision of “sustainability”.


Protecting bees to maintain biodiversity

What comes to mind when it comes to bees? Honey or their hives? In reality, bees should be associated, first of all, with the maintenance of biodiversity. Everyone knows that bees supply extremely valuable products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly or wax, but what is less known is that they are responsible for 70% of pollinations: about 35% of the food we consume is obtained thanks to them!

The disappearance of bees is a risk which we must take into very careful consideration: at the moment, there are 350 species of bees at risk and in the last thirty years their number has decreased by 25% due to human causes. Hence the need to protect their prominent role in the ecosystem.


le Naturelle is committed to protecting bees and protecting biodiversity through a long-term repopulation of bees project. At the moment, in the selected agricultural territories around our farms, through the positioning of special hives, we provide about 15 million bees with a healthy environment to live in, but our goal is to progressively increase this number.

That between Naturelle and bees is a natural union. Just like the one between eggs and honey, two healthy and nutritious foods that can be combined in various ways in any moment of the day. Nature is our best ingredient and we want to protect and respect it in every way possible.