From 2015 sales of hyperprotein products increased by +245%.  Over 7.6 million units were sold in 2020. Eggs, with a biological value of 100%, are a precious source of protein: 100 g contains 12.4 g of protein.

More and more Italians are discovering the importance of proteins in their diet and buying products that are rich in them to make the “full of energy”. This trend is confirmed by the growing demand for hyperprotein foods, which has more than doubled  since 2015. Sales of these products, such as liquid eggs and sprays, have in fact increased in the last five years by 245%, with over 7.6 million units sold in 2020 alone*. Started as niche products, super-protein foods have now entered the eating habits of Italians, so much so that they are distributed in a broader and more widespread way than in the past: prices also confirm this, which since 2015 have recorded a slight but encouraging decrease of about 6% (data source: IRI). 

A real boom that also benefits the egg market, a hyperprotein food par excellence, which has recently recorded an increase in consumption: during the acute phase of the Covid-19 emergency, egg sales have reached growth peaks in large-scale retail outlets of over 60%. Eggs represent a valuable source of protein: as established by the CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy) , 100 g contains 12.4 g of protein. This value is especially present in egg white which, thanks to its very low fat content, is ideal for those who want to give a good supply of energy to their diet.

A diet rich in protein is, therefore, essential to face the “restart” in September. After the long break imposed by the Covid-19 emergency, for many it is in fact time to go “back to work”, at school or in the office. Gathering the energy to face this new phase is, therefore, fundamental to guarantee physical and mental well-being, put to the test by the events of recent months. Hyperprotein foods, like eggs, are valuable allies to provide the right amount of protein in your diet: according to the RDA (Reference intake levels of nutrients and energy for the Italian population) prepared by the Italian Society of Human Nutrition, at least 0.9 g of protein per kg of body weight per dayare recommended, a value that can be increased in relation to the physical activity carried out, the diet that is being followed and during some physiological moments.

Strengthening the proportion of protein in your diet, as well as being an important health factor, is essential when the body and mind are a little down. It should also be remembered that proteins are not all the same: as reiterated by the FAO and who guidelines, some meet the needs of the body very well, while others are only partially assimilated and used by the body with more difficulty. Egg proteins, in particular, are characterised by a biological value equal to 100% as they contain all the essential amino acids, essential components of proteins. 

“A sufficient amount of protein is essential for a balanced diet in terms of nutrients: in addition to being the “building blocks” of the body , – comments Dr. Martina Donegani, nutritionist biologist, ” proteins intervene in many vital functions such as enzymes, hormone components and growth factors, such as oxygen and nutrient transporters, and are particularly important when you feel a little down. In nature, egg proteins are those that our body can use better and more easily, because they contain all the essential amino acids in the right proportions, so much so that they have a biological value equal to 100%; for this reason, they should not be missing in our diet, especially in September, during the difficult period when work or school resume”.

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Article by Dr. Martina Donegani