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By interpreting the market demands, Le Naturelle brand launches its organic line extension: Le Naturelle Biologico. Le Naturelle Biologico products come from Italian breeding farms where hens are free to roam in wide grassy meadows and they are exclusively fed with feed from their own production, using carefully selected raw materials from organic farming only. The entire supply chain is strictly controlled from the chick rearing to delivery to the retail store: therefore Le Naturelle Biologico products are a guarantee of quality and safety, fundamental and indispensable for a brand that emerges on the market thanks to these features.

allevamento biologicoallevamento biologico


San Paolo (FC) farm
Our largest organic farm in Italy

Sao Paolo's organic farm is a state-of-the-art plant equipped with a large area of ​​solar panels positioned on the roofs of the nests to reach the energy self-sufficiency for the whole site. The hens here are free to roam in wide green meadows among the typical trees in the Italian Apennines. They live according to the natural alternation of light and dark and in the evening they go back to their covered nests. The whole chain is strictly controlled from the chick rearing and the feeds provided, are produced using carefully selected raw materials from their own feed productions, exclusively from organic farming.

San Paolo

Rondanina Farm - Imola (BO) 
An Organic and environmentally sustainable Farm

The Rondanina organic Farm is made of 6 henhouses with 130.000 hens. The energy produced by the solar panels powers the whole plant and makes the site totally self—from the energetic point of view, confirming the daily commitment of Le Naturelle to invest in sustainable solutions.

Allevamento Rondanina


Egg whites from organic farming

Le Naturelle Biologico whites answer to a dual market demand: the need and consumption of products from organic farming and the ever increasing presence of egg whites in Italian diets. Their properties are now well known: protein source, low fat and low calories they are also recommended for daily use for those who follow a balanced diet.

Le Naturelle Biologico whites are the first, and the only one until now, liquid egg product for target consumer obtained by shelling the eggs from organic farming.


Organic eggs

Le Naturelle Biologico also responds to a market demand that is no longer niche but a real new style of consumption with its eggs production.
Combining experience and high quality, the brand Le Naturelle Biologico responds to the needs of consumers considering the remarkable plus given by offering a 100% Italian and 100% organic product.


uova in guscio

allevamento biologicoallevamento biologico