It is known that pollution is a serious problem that can be also, and above all, fought with small daily choices/habits. Our new ecological section will allow you to discover many ideas for reusing, recycling and reselling the packaging of our products. We have not given a single name to this column, but three! Three words that should begin to influence our daily habits:

REDUCE: buy consciously and avoid waste
RECYCLE: stop throwing away what you can transform!
REUSE: you will discover that giving a second life to packaging is really fun!

From the packaging of eggs to the bottles of egg products, we will give new life to packaging that is normally thrown away after use. You’ll find out how easy and fun it is to recycle and build something “new” (and, why not, useful) with what you were about to throw away! Ready to let yourself be captivated by so many cute ideas and easy creations?