le Naturelle: find out what's new!

le Naturelle, as always a dynamic and growing brand, offers a wide and flexible range of eggs in shell and pasteurized egg products. Eggs in any format and type of farming together with an essential range of barn egg products available in 1Kg and 500g brick, make it the leading brand in the sector offering a complete range of products.

Innovation is one of the guiding values of the company from its foundation: research for innovative and high-quality products is fundamental, as well as new solutions for consumers whose healthy diet concerns continue to increase.

For this edition of Cibus, which will take place in Parma from 7 to 10 May in the year named as Italian Food Year, the spotlight will be on the launch of 250g bottle products. A new format that will allow you to conquer the Modern Channel even across the border.

Simply pasteurized, the 250g bottle products must be kept in the fridge and are ideal for domestic consumption: ready to use in all recipes at home or in a bakery.

Four lines in the new format that will reduce waste to a minimum thanks to the twist cap:

Barn farming egg yolk. 100% pasteurized egg yolks, additive-free, with no preservatives. Available in 250g bottles providing the equivalent of 13 egg yolks.

Barn farming whole eggs. 100% whole eggs, broken and pasteurized, additive-free, with no preservatives. Available in 250g bottles providing the equivalent of 5 whole eggs.

Organic farming egg whites. 100% pasteurized egg whites, additive-free, with no preservatives. Available in 250g bottles providing the equivalent of 8 egg whites.

Barn farming scrambled eggs. Ready to be cooked in a pan, cream included.  Available in 250g bottles corresponding to about 3 servings.

Recently our 250g bottle products won the "Food 2018 Product" Award: an important recognition, since Food Group valued enterprises with the strongest focus on Research & Development being able to respond with innovation to the modern consumer demands. “le Naturelle" won over 255 brands in the FLAVOURING & BASIC INGREDIENTS category.

Our organic egg whites have been selected among the top 100 and will be exhibited at the Innovation Corner gallery at Cibus.

Come and visit us, we'll be waiting for you at Hall 3 - Stand G030