Not all eggs are made the same

At a first glance, eggs may all look identical. However, they can be distinguished in terms of calibre (S, M, L, XL), type of farming (on the ground, free-range, organic, traditional), and freshness (fresh or extra-fresh).

Let's find out more about these characteristics:



S - small: weight inferior to 53 g

M - medium: weight equal to or exceeding 53 g and below 63 g

L - large: weight equal to or exceeding 63 g and below 73 g

XL - extra-large: weight exceeding 73 g


These weight categories are established by the regulations regarding eggs (Reg CE 589 of 24/06/2008).

Type of farm

For further information, visit the "Types of farm" section on this website. 


The bottom part of all eggs contains an air sac that determines its freshness. If the air chamber is more than 4 mm high, the eggs are extra fresh (and can be sold under this denomination until the ninth day after laying). If the air chamber is between 4 and 6 mm high, the eggs are fresh.