The benefits of eggs

Did you know that eggs are a concentrate of fantastic substances for our body1?

A single egg contains:

-          Vitamin A: Supports the immune system, is fundamental for eyesight and cell differentiation, protects skin and mucosas and promotes bone growth.

-          Vitamin E: An anti-ageing anti-oxidant which also helps the immune system and promotes the transmission of signals between cells.

-          Vitamin D: Fundamental for bone growth, development and remodelling.

-          B-group vitamins (B1, B2, PP, B12): Essential for metabolic functions, these vitamins help with energy production by demolishing several substances our bodies then assimilate.

-          Magnesium: Crucial for our bodies, magnesium has several functions, including participating in the transmission of nervous impulses and in muscle contraction.

-          Calcium: The main mineral of bones and teeth, calcium is also important for the heart, nerves, blood, and muscles.

-          Potassium: Regulates water balance in our bodies, therefore helping control blood pressure.

-          Phosphorus: Supports energy production, the transmission of nervous impulses, and kidney function.

-          Zinc: Fights ageing, helps with wound healing, and supports the immune system.

-          Iron: Indispensable to transport oxygen throughout our bodies by means of blood.

-          Choline and Methionine: Amino acids indispensable for the metabolic demolition of fats.

-          Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Excellent anti-oxidants with anti-ageing properties.


Who would have thought?


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