Everything is ready for #CarbonaraDay, a social day that animates the communities every year and ignites the debate on the most talked- about recipe there is.

To celebrate this day, together with Fratelli Berretta, we have created a challenge that involves 6 creators to whom we have sent a real Carbonara Kit consisting of:

  •  le Naturelle Rustiche barn eggs: for the most traditionalist
  •  le Naturelle Sfoglia Gialla eggs: for those who want to obtain an egg cream of a more intense yellow
  • Beretta pork cheek
  • Beretta bacon

The 6 influencers will then be divided into pairs and will challenge each other 1 vs. 1, presenting their own version of Carbonara, choosing which ingredients to use, and thus answering the fateful question: #DiCheCarbonaraSei?

The public will decide who will have presented the best version of the Carbonara! Users, in fact, will be able to vote on our Instagram stories and those of Fratelli Beretta by choosing the 3 best versions of Carbonara through a survey. We will declare the 3 winning creators and publish their recipes on our profile.

But let’s find out together who the protagonists of the challenge will be and how the surveys will be organised:

We know that the reinterpretations of this iconic dish will not be lacking, but we will see if they can win the hearts of the most traditionalist!