le Deluxe

Naturally coloured

Beautiful, coloured and naturally elegant: le Naturelle Deluxe are available in limited edition.

Find out a new palette of different nuances to taste. Le Naturelle Deluxe are organic eggs of different colours: white, green-blue, rose and chocolate, naturally coloured.

Naturally elegant

Let the appereance cheat you: le Naturelle Deluxe are beautiful in and out. The egg yolk, more intense and richer from an organoleptic point of view, makes them a pleasure to watch and to eat.

Unique in their kind, they are 100% italian and organic, and they represent a guarantee for planet safety: it is not a coincidence that the package is recycable.

Naturally elegant, as we said, and…naturally winning! Le Naturelle Deluxe won the Premio Prodotto Food 2020 in the Innovation category!

le naturelle deluxe origine

Which hens can make such unique eggs? They are ornamental hens, which come from a selected and rustic race, raised in our controlled and certified production chain, with OGM free animal feed.

le deluxe galline

Gold, thin and elegant, produces eggs with a pure white shell, such as its coat.

Blue, with a pois coat, produces eggs with a green–blue shell, thanks to its historical and prestigious genetical assets.

For the lovers of warm colours, we are glad to introduce Red: it produces beautiful eggs with a pink shell, almost the same color of its plumage. A gentle and nice nuance, a gift from the race it belongs to.

At last there is Dark, which has a regal posture, whose eggs have chocolate shell. This special nuance is caused by the gene which has an effect on the white shell, giving it this charateritic colour.

Now that you know more about le Naturelle Deluxe, you should not miss out this exclusive news: ideal for an exquisite gift to taste!

Contact us to know where to find them: info@lenaturelle.it