Guaranteed quality

Gruppo Eurovo makes a daily commitment to guaranteeing the quality of its products, and is proud of its transparency. Our certifications


ISO 9001

The entire Eurovo production and processing cycle is certified ISO 9001. This certification attests to "the company's ability to organise itself and to manage its own resources and production processes in such a manner as to acknowledge and satisfy the needs of its clients, and to the company's commitment to continuously improving this ability".



The BRC standard is an inspection model adopted to evaluate and control the suppliers of food products. Its goal is to ensure the safety of agricultural products and Eurovo has obtained the highest level of this certification.



Eurovo is certified by the Consortium for the Control of Organic Products (CCPB in Italy), which directly inspects farms and transformation plants. The certification attests to the company's compliance with regulation EC 834/2007 regarding organic production.



The IFS Food standard certifies that the company offers "safe products, in conformity with contract specifications and legal requirements". In particular, Eurovo has obtained the "Higher" level of certification, which "represents the best practice in the food industry".


Eurovo employs Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, a self-control hygiene method that aims to protect consumers' health, searching for any risk that may compromise food quality during its production or in later phases, such as stocking, transportation and storage before selling to the final consumer.